Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy

$65 (plus tax)

Aged 2 Years

This premium apple brandy is truly something special.  Notes of oak and caramel on the front with a long finish with hints of apple creates a very unique flavor profile.  Drinks like a whiskey with the benefits of grain free product.  We age in French oak a minimum of two years.  All of the apples we use are grown in Royal City WA and come from one farm, Royal Bluff Orchards. RBO grows premium organic fruit from the Columbia basin, an area known to grow the best apples in the world.  We invite you to try this product, we believe you will see it as special as we do.


Taste Notes

Oak, caramel, Cinnamon, with an apple finish


43% ALC/Vol.

86 Proof

Gear Up

We are a craft distillery that uses only high quality organic farm fresh fruit. Straight from seed to spirit.


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